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Colocation Services

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Our racks come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Entry level power for each racks starts at 3kW and can go up to 12kW, 2N power supply configuration. Each rack can also be equipped with our in-house DCIM solutions which include wireless temperature monitoring and door sensors that provide real-time alert to our NOC and customers. The latter ensures that the physical security of the racks are always monitored and every door open/close event is logged for future audit purposes.

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Catered to businesses that require extra hosting space and privacy, our cages are designed with the flexibility of expansion in mind. Located in secured private areas, our cages layouts are customizable and come with additional security features such as biometric and movement sensors on top of the basic wireless temperature and rack door sensors.

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Private Suite

Our private suites come with 2 hour fire rated hard-walled space including enhanced security features such as customer-specific badge readers, biometric access and motion detectors. In addition, fire detection and protection can be customized to your operational requirements. We design and custom build our private suites for our customers who have specific security and operating requirements.

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Support Portal

To help customers simplify the management of your hosting environment, we provide all customers with a dedicated portal login. Our support portal allows you to administer control over your hosting environment including ability to manage your hosting environment using DCIM, manage remote assets, do space management, submit requests, raise and manage incident and problem tickets and manage escalation as well as access to a dedicated knowledge base.

To find out more about our co-location services please contact us at:

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