Racks Central aims to be the premier global provider of innovative and sustainable data centers for businesses across
the globe. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves for better efficiencies and operational effectiveness in order to deliver great
products and exceptional services to our customers and increase shareholder’s value.


Racks Central’s mission is to enable our customers with world-class data center, security, cloud and network
infrastructure services at affordable prices and good return of investment. We do this by utilizing innovative solutions,
green technologies, proven industry standards and best practices, while leveraging on our interconnected network of
high quality, Tier 3 equivalent, carrier neutral data centers across the Asia Pacific, Indo China and Greater China


Our commitment to quality and operational excellence standards and guidelines such as TIA 942, ISO 27001, ISO 9001,
ISO 23001, SS507and SS564 enables us to meet the stringent needs of our customers.