• Referrals

    We work with businesses such as consultants and domain partners that refer their customers with hosting needs.

  • Resellers

    Resellers are businesses that have been cleared to represent Racks Central and are involved in the selling of end to end solutions to customers

  • Platform Resellers

    These are partners that can provide direct connectivity into cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud and are partners who can span the entire end to end solutions for the customer.

  • Consulting Partners

    Consulting partners have specialized knowhow such as Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution, Security Operations Centers, Audit and Compliance for IT and Financial regulatory frameworks such as IBTRM, TVRA, SS507/564, BCM, ISO 27001

  • Data Center Design Consulting

    Racks Central area of expertise is designing, building and operating high quality Green data centers. We are constantly looking for partners in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering with like-minded thinking who shares the same vision.

  • Register a Deal

    In the event that an existing partner registers their interest in dealing with a common customer, they may continue doing so while still receiving the necessary backend support from Racks Central.