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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Image by Qingbao Meng

Disaster Recovery Planning

In the event of a catastrophe, Racks Central can act as an alternate site for critical IT equipment. We have recovery seats that include all the necessary equipment (fax, laser printers, secured internet connectivity, hosting facilities, etc.) needed to facilitate continued business operations.

Business Continuity Planning

In the event of a catastrophe, a company needs a contingency plan to ensure that business is not disrupted for prolonged periods of time. The aim of the BCP is to create, test and fine-tune a plan that will allow businesses to recover critical business operations in a timely manner, minimizing losses and meeting regulatory requirements.

BCP/DRP Consultancy

Working with our partners, we can provide one-stop, end-to-end suite of training and consultancy services.  We have in-depth domain knowledge and unique delivery capabilities that deliver relevant training courses and plan implementations, audits, and risk assessments for professionals and organizations focusing on BCM, data center, emergency and resiliency matters.

Data Backup

Data backup is crucial for any business and at Racks Central, we are determined to ensure that you have immediate and continuous access to your business data without worry.

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