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Image by Qingbao Meng

Blended IP Internet

Providing an enterprise-grade internet connection that, by aggregation of diverse upstream carriers to meet demanding business requirements and ensuring greater reliability, scalability, performance, and diversity.

Layer 2 Private Networks

Transparent layer 2 access service offers a wide range of flexible and scalable transport services to our customers who require low latency connections across multiple locations.

Layer 3 VPN

With our Layer 3 VPN service provide customers with the capability most businesses need to decrease network costs , deploy diversity options and improve connectivity, with further economies of scale by supporting converged services on a single local connection.

IP Transit

Our dedicated AS number  enable businesses to connect directly to key internet exchanges globally, reducing network hops by utilizing direct connectivity with major carriers and ISPs.

Data Center Interconnection - DCI

With Racks Central data centre interconnect, businesses can access data centers worldwide and is just one interconnection away from a rich community of network providers, cloud providers, internet exchanges and applications providers.

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