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We believe that how we deliver our services is just as crucial as what is delivered.  This means improving the lives around us, customers, stakeholders and employees, and taking equal care of the environment and natural resources we all share.  We are committed to making sustainable decision in the following areas.

Our core values are based on improving the lives affected by our business, and reducing our environmental impact helps people around us. For that matter, we set measurable, relevant and timely targets that will reduce our carbon footprint, support the clean energy industry and improve the lives of our stakeholders.

Green Fields

Racks Central’s Green Initiatives serve five objectives:


Power Efficiency

Using less power to deliver the same data compute and storage


Carbon Free Power

Incorporate iRECs for carbon-free power


Water Efficiency

Using less water for cooling of the same workloads


Cooling Efficiency

Leverage advance cooling technologies and combining basic cooling fundamentals to deliver high cooling efficiency


AI Ops

Leverage of AI Ops for operation efficiency

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