Partnering for Mutual Benefit

Racks Central strongly believes in working together for mutual benefit. We recognize that both the eco-system and
customer needs can be quite diverse and therefore, it is necessary to partner at various levels to bring complete solutions to customers.

Whether you are an Enterprise, Multi-National Company , Consultants or Service Providers, we believe that working together
will help our respective businesses to realize their full potential.

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Flexible, Scalable, Connected, Secure


Racks Central’s data centers key elements have been built with scalability and reliability in mind.
We cater to a large variety of customer centric solutions specifically service providers, our in-house expertise and partners can deliver
from customize colocation services, to resilient network connectivity to private cloud solutions and disaster recovery/business continuity respectively.

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Our World-class Infrastructure

Whatever your scope, you will find that we can accommodate the racks and hosting environment to meet your requirements.
Our data center offers a full suite of data center services ranging from managed services
to managed cloud hosting, from standard colocation racks to fully customizable cages and suites.

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Data Center Solutions

As each customer has a unique set of requirements and varying budgets, we cater a localize solution to each
customer specifically. We work hard with our partners and service providers to make it easy for our
customers to acquire the right solutions to meet their needs.

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  • Business Continuity Plan/ Disaster Recovery Plan

    Our data centre was build with BCP and DRP in mind so that businesses have an alternate site for operations. Working with our BCP/DRP experts, we help businesses to ensure that their data is kept safe in the event of a catastrophe or disaster.

  • Cloud Computing

    Our cloud computing partners have scalable solutions for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud. Rather than having to physically upgrade your hardware as your needs grow, why not use cloud computing partners products. It gives you the freedom to scale as demands increase or decrease and promises versatility and convenience, while still retaining management functions and security.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

    For businesses who want full control over their computing and data center environment, we designed our data centre to support Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. This is a streamlined platform for IT and Data managers to easily plan, monitor and manage their servers and network resources.

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